Made purely for the gym.
Hands shaking from working out, using the app from across the room, divided attention, bad connection, switching exercises on-the-fly, knowing what weights you did the last time - all of it has been considered to get the ultimate gym tracking experience.
Wether you’re tracking a classic workout with sets and reps, using HIIT interval timers, calisthenics, running a distance, running for time or just want a simple list to check things off. Dropset is flexible enough to support it all.
Connect supersets by links.
Tags for dropsets, warmup and RPE.
Both for workouts and exercises.
For duration and distance logs.
Flexible scheduling.
The foundation of amazing results.
Connect, gain visibility and share knowledge.
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Reviews from our customers.
An elegant and powerful workout tracker.
I’ve used many workout trackers over the years and hoops is by far the best. It’s seamless, doesn’t get in your way, and the design is so pleasing to work with. Best of all, the devs are responsive and are quick to address any bugs as they come up!
September 2023
Brilliant app and service.
Fantastic app not over complicated, have recommended it to individuals of all different training levels and they have found it useful and intuitive. When I thought being able to export data I emailed support who promptly got back to me asking my preferred data type after exporting and notified me this was a feature in the works. Within 2 weeks of the communication the the export feature was live
Jul 2023
Thank you!
Very refreshing to see a fitness app that keeps workout logging quick and simple. Love the minimalistic design keeping only the essential functions in mind. I think linking an Apple ID should be optional as it’s not a necessity for keeping info on a local device (unless some would prefer a cloud backup). Looks like the app is still in its early days with the workout catalogue, but I’m excited to see where this app goes. Nice work!
Jul 2023
Best workout tracker.
I started working out beginning of this year and was writing all my progress down in notebooks and on the notes app on my phone. Had this app pop up as an ad on instagram and I'm so glad I downloaded it. Its so easy to use, so clearly laid out, the team are constantly interacting with people and taking onboard feedback and its great to see. I use this every time I go to the gym and have recommended it to others because I think its so damn good.
Jul 2023
Amazed at the attention to detail and simplicity of the app. There’s no bloat, easy to understand (unlike most workout apps I’ve tried). Definitely sticking with this one. Incredible work.
December 2023
Best Tracker I’ve Used.
Has everything you need; all exercises, equipment, tracks weight, reps, rpe, etc. Future suggestion is to add a social aspect where you can share workouts with friends, kind of like the Apple Watch app.
May 2023
Jacob Capablanca on using Dropset.
How he uses Dropset to track his workouts.